Three Parts of the Thesis


What role do turbulent wind flows through dense forest canopies have on wildfire spread?

Wildfires are sensitive to small-scale turbulence structures

A paper by Desai 2023, shows that wildfires in forest canopies are influenced by turbulence. A paper by Cervantes 2023 shows that embers, which are burning materials that can cause spot fires (a mechanism of wildfire spread), are shown to be sensitive to turbulence intensity.

Large-scale wildfire experiments are difficult to conduct, and small-scale laboratory experiments may not show realistic large-scale turbulence behavior. This calls for the use of numerical simulations, however, there are high computational costs in running high-resolution simulations.

Numerical simulations require lots of experimental validation to prove they are accurate.

Numerical models are only able to approximate what happens in reality and can not give an exact solution.